Thursday, February 28, 2008

One of the MAJOR events in the Holt family is that Logan broke her arm! Ouch! While at the Pinewood Derby @ church she was playing on the stage and off she went. What kind of parents let their kids run around the church like that anyway (tee hee)! She has been a trooper about it though. Tristen, being the really great big brother that he is, saw fit to draw what he calls "her true colors" all over her little face while she rested like a little angel! : ) He is very proud of his artwork obviously!
TEE HEE!!! Greg and Jeremy celebrate a bday within days of each other so Amanda and I took them to dinner and a movie.....NOT! They just thought that's where they were going....after dinner they were handed an announcement that they had been accepted as contestants in the AMAZING RACE (Tulare style). From their they received their first clue and off they went.... milking cows, drinking unknown & scary looking fluids, frolicking in ladies under apparel (wierdos) and trying a few moments in the life of their wifee (ie. shopping w/poopy baby dolls) in search of humiliating items! They mastered each one and are now the proud owners of dollar store metals to remind them of their outstanding accomplishments! Happy Birthday Boys!
Thanks for being such good sports!

Monday, February 18, 2008